Disable AMD Radeon Graphic Cards on MacBook Pro A1286 2011

Disable AMD Radeon Graphic Cards on MacBook Pro A1286 2011

Discrete to UMA Conversion of MacBook Pro 2011 A1286 Logic Board

We have been giving 100% solutions for Graphic Card problems in MacBook Pro 15″ A1286 2011 by replacing new AMD Radeon Chips but many times customers come for same problem where Logic Boards are badly tampered with by local inexperienced technicians. They use half baked knowledge and delaminate logic boards by giving excessive heat on graphic cards or reballing the same. Sometimes even pads are found broken and video memory also tampered with. Therefore It becomes impossible to repair logic boards by replacing new AMD Radeon Graphic Chips. In the light of above findings, we have developed a Hardware Fix for Disabling the Onboard Discrete Graphic cards permanently.
Disable Graphic Card onMacBook Pro A1286 2015

Benefits  for this fix:

  • It is a permanent fix in logic board (no need to disable graphic card drivers in software)
  • comparatively very cheap with replacing new graphic card
  • time required to fix is very less (1-2 hours)
  • Battery backup time is increased
  • less heating of MacBook

Still there is 1 limitation with this fix.

  • System can not work with macOS High Sierra.

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