How to know if SMC is bad?

A1278 2012 System Management Controller

How to know if SMC is bad?

What is SMC (System Management Controller)?

MacBook Pro / Air 2010 2011 SMC Chip

SMC in MacBook Laptops is a microcontroller Chip that controls:

  • Battery Management
  • Thermal Management
  • Indicators Management
  • Cooling Fans
  • Power Management

2016-2017 series MacBook SMC

Chances of SMC failure according to the faults in MacBook Laptops

Faults % Failure of SMC
System is dead but charger LED is glowing Green or Orange 5-10%
Battery is not detected X sign on Menu Bar 90% failure of SMC and 10% of Battery
System is Extremely Slow 50%
Does not wakeup from standby position Almost 100% failure
Dim or Dark Display 10%
Track pad or keyboard is not working 0%
Battery not charging (but detection is there ) 0%
Abnormal / Random Shutdown 0%
Fan is spinning fast 10%
Memory Beep 0%

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